We specialize in software solutions.

About Blaizen

Blaizen are software developers specializing in Mobile Applications. We offer full stack development and design.

Specializing in Mobile Application development, we write native software solutions for both the iOS and Android operating systems. We offer full stack solutions, being able to offer everything from UI Design and App Functionality to custom adhoc server solutions designed specifically for your uses. We are also able to Design, implement and maintain your company website or application server. Allowing you to concentrate on your business, secure that your online presence is working for you.

Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to create software that educates and motivates, improving the lives of our users. Our software does more than just the minimum and is built with the user in mind. This enables software built for the person using it and far more productive and user friendly.

VISION: Our vision is that our software can help to encourage users to expand thier horizons, to learn, grow and fulfil their potential.


What we offer

Mobile Application Development

iOS and Android ecosystems

Back-end Server Implementation

To provide your app with a working and secure backend

Website Design and Implementation

Professional websites developed quickly to suit your needs.


Host your backend server or website with us


We can market your software through our industry connections.


We work hard to deliver a quality product we can be proud off.


What we have created

Become A Master

Become A Master

Yes, we built Become A Master

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Language For Kids App

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Education App


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